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Lotto 649 Results – Luck or Mathematics

For thousands of lotto lovers, the Lotto 649 results are the most awaited events of every week. We appreciate all those whose keen interest in the sport has made it so popular and exciting. As keen lovers of the game, we display the latest Lotto 649 results prominently on our site.

While many lotto lovers play at random hoping to strike it rich or opt for the Lucky Dip method, we recommend that you do not attempt any of these methods if you want to ensure successful Lotto 649 results for yourself. It’s true that you find random millionaires but this element of sheer luck is not the way to increase your probability of hitting the jackpot.

Francis Isaac the founder of this site has literally devoted over a decade to researching Lotto 649 results and has come up with a series of theories based on this. His keen analysis has made him the lone researcher who has spent so much time on this game studying and analyzing Lotto 649 results.

He does not approve of the random or Lucky Dip methods which do not guarantee any kind of successful result. Instead he breaks free with his theories based on mathematics and the laws of nature

One of the major tenets he advises to acquire successful Lotto 649 results is studying results of previous years. The Lotto 649 numbers lottery system like everything else has to obey the natural laws of nature. For instance, if a three number combination has occurred together, then, those three numbers will not occur together again for quite sometime because they have to allow other three number combinations to appear as well.

There is another important law of nature that the Lotto 649 numbers must obey. Nature organises everything in the universe including lottery numbers in an orderly fashion and in groups to help nature keep track of those that have already appeared while giving those that have not come out a chance. This is why it is virtually impossible to get a six number combination coming out again in two consecutive draws.

There are other valuable theories on acquiring great Lotto 649 results that you can find detailed in our site. Below, you will find a comprehensive list of all the lottery results ever since the beginning of the UK lottery.

Lotto 649 Results Show The Future !

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