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Winning Lotto 649 Numbers That Have Hit The Jackpot

We have carefully recorded all the jackpot winning Lotto 649 numbers since the start of the lottery. If you carefully observe these Lotto 649 numbers , you will find patterns emerging in the way the numbers fall. Here, you will see all the prizes paid out for the Jackpots, five and the Bonus Ball and for four numbers since the lottery began in 1994.

We have also recorded all the rollovers in Lotto 649 numbers that have occurred since November 1994. This can help you understand the Lotto 649 numbers that the punters are avoiding and concentrate on the syndicate numbers there in order to be the only syndicate winner.

Lotto 649 numbers To Help Predict Future Results

One of the main reasons why we have incorporated this detailed list of past Lotto 649 numbers is that they are extremely relevant to future lottery results. They help you eliminate six number combinations that have already appeared because the chances of the same combinations appearing again is virtually zero.

The Lotto 649 numbers lottery system like everything else has to obey the natural laws of nature. One of the major laws is that if a three number combination has occurred together, then, those three numbers will not occur together again for quite sometime because they have to allow other three number combinations to have a chance to appear as well.

There is another important law of nature that the Lotto 649 numbers must obey. Nature organises everything in the universe to make it easier for the sons and daughters of nature to be able to understand how things work. The lottery numbers are arranged in an orderly fashion and in groups to help nature keep track of those that have already appeared while giving those that have not come out a chance. This is why it is virtually impossible to get a six number combination coming out again in two consecutive draws.

The common methods that people use while choosing their Lotto 649 numbers is the random method or the lucky dip method. However, the rates of success in selecting winning Lotto 649 numbers are very remote. True, there are many arguments that many jackpot winners have selected their Lotto 649 numbers using the random method but we attribute this to luck.

Now, you can use ours services to choose Lotto 649 numbers that have a higher probability of success.

See How Past Lotto 649 Numbers Impact Future Results

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